2nd July 2020

Confirmation Matching

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PROactive™ Confirmation Matching is the market leading confirmation matching solution that automates the processing of trade confirmations with unbeatable match rates and exception workflow from the earliest point in the pre-settlement cycle.

Easy to use and quick to set up, this comprehensive solution uses advanced matching technology to provide true 3-way, real-time matching for interbank, broker and corporate counterparty confirmations. Even non-Swift counterparties can be easily managed with our unique Fax/Email processing technology. Intelligent features such as ‘self learning’ match rules ensure match rates stay as high as possible and allow for fast adoption of new trade types and business units.

PROactive™ Confirmation Matching delivers:

  • PRE-CONFIGURED and configurable workflow and match rules ensure you will be up and running very quickly while keeping implementation fees to a minimum
  • PAIN FREE HANDLING of customer confirmations received by Fax and email.
  • IMPROVED CONTROL of counterparty and position exposure
  • REDUCED SETTLEMENT RISK through early detection of settlement anomalies, comprehensive workflow and intelligent processing
  • GREATER MANAGEMENT SCRUTINY through browser based dashboards giving easy access to real-time status information
  • IMPROVED STP PROCESSING for a wide range of trades including FX, NDF, MM, FRAs, Metals, IRS and IRS Resets, Currency Options, complex Derivatives and even conversational trades
  • IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE & LOWER COSTS with web-based customer portal providing direct customer affirmation capabilities
  • OPTIMUM OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY through unsurpassed auto match rates and exceptions highlighted in real-time
  • FLEXIBILITY AND SCALABILITY for individual branch use or a centralized hub across the enterprise

Advanced Processing Features

  • Dashboards highlight critical exceptions including a status screen with summary view of the matching status of all confirmations by entity and further segregation by instrument or counterparty
  • Unique automated ‘self-learning’ capabilities which guarantee improvements in match rates and reduces manual processing to a minimum
  • Efficient processing of confirmations received by fax or email using bar code and selective OCR technology
  • Comprehensive exception workflow covering status, aging, ‘best-fit’ processing and tracking which ensures all errors are corrected in the source trading and settlement system
  • Automatic chasing of counterparties with overdue or incorrect confirmations enabling fast resolution with trading partners
  • Automatic match status notifications enable STP payment release once a valid confirmation match has taken place
  • Full on-line audit controls provide detailed tracking relating to all transactions
  • Integration with CLS providing a single point of control across CLS and non-CLS currencies and counterparties
  • Customer web portal allowing customers and internal business units to affirm their trades online