3rd August 2020

Conversational Trading Interpretation

"The reduction in risk, manual effort and duplicity of operation associated with installing City Networks' solutions are of utmost value in increasing our STP capabilities."
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PROactive™ Conversation Checker automates the processing of conversational trades in the Foreign Exchange, Money Market and Derivative markets, such as Reuters and EBS. With conversational trades, making sure the trade has been booked correctly and managing errors is difficult. However, with this solution, conversational trade details are automatically analysed, trade details are extracted and used to validate that the trade has been booked correctly. Conversations are stored electronically for easy on-line archive and retrieval. In this way, the onerous burden of handling of conversational trades is removed and such trades can be streamlined into your overall straight-through-process strategy.

PROactive™ Conversation Checker is available as a stand-alone solution or fully integrated with PROactive™ Trade Confirmation Matching.

PROactive™ Conversation Checker delivers:

  • BURDEN-FREE means to manage conversational trades
  • IMPROVED CONTROL of counterparty and position exposure
  • REDUCED SETTLEMENT RISK with conversational trades by early detection of settlement errors and faster resolution with trading partners
  • COST SAVINGS by removing the need for costly dealing printers and eliminating paper storage
  • IMPROVED CONTROLS AND REGULATORY SUPPORT by providing electronic storage, auditing, reporting and easy retrieval of dealing conversations and tickets
  • OPTIMUM OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY by allowing all conversations to be checked and investigations to be managed from local, regional and global support centres
  • MULTIPLE INSTRUMENT PROCESSING for conversations involving trading in vanilla FX Options, FX, FX swaps and MM

Advanced Processing Features

  • The system inspects every element of a conversation and where multiple deals have been struck, these are recognized and checks are performed for each trade
  • Where no ticket has been produced conversation details can be emailed to traders to support capturing the deal or speedy resolution
  • Investigations are more efficient as traders can quickly locate relevant parts of the conversation
  • Intelligent processing of conversations can be user defined and tailored to individual traders so that key words and abbreviations can be recognized eg where a trader uses “mine” instead of “buy”.
  • Special attention items can be defined by the user and the system automatically highlights and routes them in the workflow as required.
  • Elegant processing of trades spans multiple conversations